A Non-Profit Sister City Organization
Herzliya, Israel
The City of Herzliya was founded in 1924 on the coast of Israel, just north of Tel Aviv, covering an area of ten square miles.  The current population of 95,000 doubles during work hours, like Beverly Hills, as it is one of the business and leisure centers in Israel.  The City includes affluent homes (including the residences of many consuls), exclusive beach resorts and marina, flourishing high tech industrial; commercial zones; and some of the finest schools in Israel.  The City is operated with a surplus of approximately $3 million on an annual budget of $218 million.  It is also home to the annual Herzliya Conference, considered Israel’s most important forum for discussing the latest political, military and economic issues. 
Although Herzliya and Beverly Hills are by no means large in terms of population or area, they both have an inordinate impact on their respective countries and abroad. Each city is a highly desirable place to live, with high levels of city services providing a high quality of living for its residents. Each city also contains many dynamic, cutting edge businesses which bring many more people into the city limits during business hours, along with the attendant burdens placed on the city, including traffic congestion and parking. The schools in each city are among the best in their countries, which would lend to the further development of educational exchanges between the two cities. The cities are both attractive locations for national and internationals meetings which attract the brightest minds in the world to work on solving the toughest issues of the day, including the Herzliya Conference in Herzliya, and the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills.